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August 10, 2005

Volume 5, Issue 10

The theme for the day is a musical instrument. You must include a musical instrument in your story in some way.

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Michele: Heart Full of Soul

“You must be the violin, Jorge. Be the bow! Be the instrument!”

When Jorge missed a note, Gustav whacked him with the bow. He was used to a strike or two during lessons, but this time, Gustav didn’t stop. He kept at Jorge, striking him on his shoulders, back and head. Jorge crouched in defense and Gustav beat the bow across Jorge’s hands, yelling “Be the bow!” as he did. Jorge managed to grab the bow from Gustav and pounced on him, driving the bow through Gustav’s skin and straight into his heart.

“Be the bow, Gustav. Be the bow.”

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Ted: Down to Sugar's Place

The horn section was wailing, one sax joined by trumpet, trombone, and finally, a clarinet. It was the clarinet that made the song really wail though. Huey had practically been born with it in his mouth and had started playing down in the Bottom by the time he was six. He used to play his first set behind a blind, backlit so only his huge shadow would show. When asked why he would always say it was because the cops never stayed for the second set. That white boy has a real gift for keeping out of trouble down here.

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