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June 26, 2005

Volume 2, Issue 26

Today's theme comes from an album cover:

Mike Oldfield, Crises

Click for bigger. Have at it.

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Tanya: Dreams

George watched sadly, from a high vantage point, as the city slowly disappeared below him. He had held such high hopes, such lofty goals of beauty and fame. This had not been only the first step in his own personal journey, it was a gift to the entire world. He would find a way to repair it, restoring his reputation at the same time. And then he would try again, and again, until his dream was fulfilled.

Because holding the Olympic women's wrestling event in green jello had really been a grand idea, until the hoses got out of control.

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Michele: Enjoy the Silence

The Driscoll Building was the only thing still standing and the glow of the low hanging moon struck its facade, making the glass shimmer and wave through the darkness.

Evan walked with the Driscoll as his guide, the building a waving, beckoning friend, his only companion on this night when everyone else was dead.

When he reached the promenade, he stopped, taking in the stillness and remembering a time when he begged for such peacefulness. But now? Now he thought death would be a relief from suffocating silence.

Later, when the Driscoll collapsed noisily into the flood waters, Evan followed.

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Ted: Night Swimming

Why do I let her bring me to these places? There we were, having a grand time at the Royale when she decides "it's time for a change."

So we transited to a new sphere where the Royale had a branch.

Always looking for the next experience, Donna jumped right off the parapet and started heading out to the Royale's sister club.

I tried to yell as soon as I recognized the danger, but by then she was already infected.

She is quarantineed on the island for life now. But she got a job dealing, so she'll be just fine.

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Stacy: History

James read the memorial plaque again, even though he could recite it by heart:

Manhattan Island, once a bastion of commerce, cuisine and fashion, now lies beneath 100 meters of sea water, a tribute to man's folly.

"Stupid memorial," he thought. "Doesn't even tell the real reason why it happened."

He came out here every night, had since it happened, three years ago. As a mechanical engineer, he knew the reason for the island’s submergence, that held no mystery for him.

What really drew him here, night after night, was the single light still shining from the top floor window.

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From the Comments: Jim Parkinson

Phil waits on the levy and looks at the moon. There was once a time when the moon was a friend - a source of stories, marvel and wonder.

Now it hangs low in sky - huge and threatening - in a death dance with the Earth, spinning faster and faster around each other as they grow closer together. The earthquakes and tidal flows are worse every year. They say the collision will come in about five hundred years.

But for now Phil waits for the ebb tide so he can get to work. A man still has to eat.

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