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June 2, 2005

Volume 2, Issue 2

Since I'm new at this, I thought I'd go with a picture. Pictures are simple and non-threatening, right? Of course they are.

So let's see what you do with this:

Click for full size

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Michele: Teach Your Children Well

Pretat, sent through the portal to track down some escaped faeries, found himself at a carnival.

As he was scanning the crowds for the fairies, a chubby kid pointed at him and shouted “MIME!” Heads turned and everyone gave small grins of mime pity. He shooed the child away, but the kid prodded Pretat with his fat, dirty fingers while his mum looked on and laughed.

“I’m gonna make the mime move,” he barked, kicking Pretat in the shin. His mother shrugged.

A few minutes later, both mother and child lay dead, though Pretat thought the mother deserved it more.

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Tanya: Ashes

"I think that's all of them," he told her, gazing over the crowd.

Shabby, tired, her childhood beauty long gone, she tossed her cigarette away and began prowling in front of them, like a general inspecting the ranks. "This one," she said, "but can you make it a little... bigger?"

He rolled his eyes, but did as she asked. She nodded her approval, and he turned the rest of them back with a sigh of relief. He knew she was ultimately unhappy with the prince, but it still gave him the creeps when she insisted on shagging the mice footmen.

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The Eschatologist: Review of the Short Form

With all works of questionable and dubious symbolism, Vanderheuven's inflated ego permeated every creative thought of which his mind could conceive, whether he was caught in a fog of pharmacological hallucinations or through a consequence of what many assumed was a severe form of Asperger's. Further, his patrons, while clearly impressed with his imagination and avant-garde methodology, were equally repulsed by his scattershot approach to works of commission. He often lost interest almost immediately and began dalliances with his own twisted, yet brilliant sculptures. Even still, to find him emulating his own unfinished work was bordering on a disappointing psychopathy.

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